Supermarine Spitfire 80 yrs Young


Supermarine Spitfire 80 and still gloriously evocative beauty.

As the venerable old Supermarine Spitfire reaches her 80th Birthday it’s worth a moments reflection of the debt of gratitude Britain and the free World owe to this plane and the pilots that flew and often died in during that great fight for freedom.

Whilst the Hawker Hurricane bore the largest brunt of action and loss during the battle of Britain it is the Spitfire or “Spit” that fired the publics imagination and spirit during those desperate dark days when Britain and with it the free world teetered on the edge of defeat.

A better and more capable adversary of the Luffwaffe’s ME109 (it’s self a very capable fighter)the Spitfire went on to totally supersede the Hurricane as the RAF’s fighter with variants used for reconnaissance, fighter-bomber and training as well as a carrier based version going into service with the Royal Navy in 1942 and serving through to the mid 50’s.


Born out of the lessons learned developing the Supermarine S-6 & 6B to race in and win the Schneider Trophy, the Spitfire was born eventually seeing service with over 30 countries around the world with more than 20,000 Spitfires being built between 1938 and 1948. There can be few machines built by man that evokes such feelings of nostalgia, pride and gratitude.

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Duncan Walton London – Spring Sale



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The Tie Bar and Tie Pin are back.


Tie accessories are in – Tie Clips/Bars & Tie Pins.

It’s true the tie clip and tie pin are back bolder and better than ever and we have a few for you to choose from.

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Cufflink range with “Just Add” theme – a range of endless possibilities!!

At Simply Cufflinks we have just launched our fun new range of “Just Add” Cufflinks, with dozens of possiblilties we have a Just Add for everyone or we will when you tell us what you would like. In fact if you tell us what you would like and we produce it we will send you the first pair free!!

We intend to cover hobbies and sports as well as food and drink, work and professions, with this fun new range. Here are a couple of examples:


ImageMade with high quality Polished silver finish cufflinks and resin dome these cifflinks are affordable and fun to wear. All come gift boxed.

ImageIf you have any suggestions just let us know so we can look at it, to look at all of our new novelty cufflinks go here. We also have several other new ranges available.

Father’s Day offer

It’s getting close to Father’s Day, time to start thinking about that all important Gift for your dad!!


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Weddings – Weddings – Weddings – tis the season to marry

With the sudden increase in sunshine comes the annual wedding season, with most couples planning for a spring/summer wedding in the hope of some gorgeous sunny weather for their big event. So it is about now that the reality looms over the horizon and final preperations and last minute panics become the reality, have we done this have we booked that, what about the wedding party gifts, are they all going to look smart? The questions seem endless, so what about the wedding party?

* Bridesmaids

* Flower Girls

* Page Boys

* Best Man

* Ushers

Then there’s the parents:

* Mother of the Bride/Groom

* Father of the Bride/Groom

To name but a few of the options, well lets discuss the male members
of the party.

So who should you buy for and what should you give as a thank you for
helping to make your day so special?

One safe bet is a pair of cufflinks for the Best Man and Ushers, we have plenty of options for both. From named matching sets of wedding cufflinks through novelty cufflinks targeted at their hobbies or interests to smarter colour themed cufflinks to fit with the wedding colour theme. The last option is personalised cufflinks, these have 2 main benefits – They are a more personal gift and they can still look uniform.

Wedding cufflink suggestions

It’s probably best not to forget the parents and siblings, we cover both of those within our ranges. although many suppliers still don’t make cufflinks for the family members of the wedding party we do cover all the options.

Wedding cufflinks for the whole wedding party.

So what about the Groom? He can wear cufflinks matching those of the Best Man, Usher etc or he can go for something special and stylish. With our range of quality sterling silver cufflinks, some with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones. He can wear something to keep for those special occassions like anniversaries. Of course there is the personalised option, with the added bonus of having the date on (so no reason to forget that all important wedding anniversary).

Wedding cufflinks for the groom

Should you go with a set or individual novelty cufflinks for the wedding party? Only you can answer that, the points to consider are pretty simple:

* Are you dressing everyone uniformly.
* What would you prefer.

You may of course have your own criteria but which ever option you choose we can help you and quickly!!

National pet month!!

Did you know it was national pet month? No!

Well you do now, so no excuses it’s time to give your pet a little special treat. Lets face it you know your pet is one of your best friends, one of the family and an absolute joy to have around (most of the time)!

You can get involved with pet events at:

We at Simply Cufflinks are fully aware of just how much pet owners like to demonstrate their love of their pets by the number of pet related novelty cufflinks we sell.

simply cufflinks pet cufflinks
Pet cufflinks from simply cufflinks

Whatever pet you have we can usually find something for you. Including dog cufflinks, horses, birds and even spider cufflinks.

animal cufflinks
More pet themed cufflinks – even rubber duck links.

So why not drop, by take a look and enjoy wearing your pet cufflinks when you go out.

Simply Cufflinks Pet Special

Simply Cufflinks – Over ten years of style, value & service.